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Why Create Great Facebook Ads NOW?

You want to streamline your money, and get straight to the people who matter.

You have a budget, and you want to use it wisely. Facebook gives you total control over your money, and lets YOU decide who sees your ad and when.

You need to improve the results you're already getting.

You know you're close, but something's just not working. Let's work together to optimize your images, audiences, and budgets. Are you retargeting your email list? Using the pixel? Tracking "add to carts"? There are amazing things going on in Facebook that most people don't know how to leverage.  

You're READY to be a success story with Facebook

Maybe you're tired of hearing how everyone else is using Facebook, and you're ready to build YOUR own plan and start to see the rewards, and revenue, that can only be found by putting in the work.

Hi, I'm Tracy Petrucci

If you are like me, you have struggled with finding the time to try all the new things you should be doing to market your business. Every day there are new social media tools popping up and it's hard to know where to invest your time to get the biggest return. 

When you’re so busy wearing so many hats in your business, how do you know where to put your energy when you can’t afford to waste your time or money?  

I received my degree in global business because I wanted to learn basic principles of marketing, and how those could be applied worldwide. The problem was, there wasn’t anything being taught on digital marketing yet back then.  

All the focus was on very traditional marketing methods only. We’d go over case studies on Superbowl ads, billboards on the side of the freeway, and other really expensive marketing most small business owners could never afford.  

I am grateful I learned the fundamentals of marketing, don’t get me wrong, but I've had to put in some good time and energy over the last ten years trying to apply these things, in a digital sense, to get REAL results for my clients.

How I Got Here

Now with all those clients early on, came a TON of interesting . . . experiences. I’d get excited because one thing would work for one business, and then completely not work with the next. I don’t think this is news to anyone these days, mind you, this was a decade ago, so a lot of these things were just starting to make some noise for the first time. I mean, even now, my company is a team of 5 and we’re still struggling to vet the new tools that keep popping up. I would see firsthand how Pinterest would save one person’s business and then do nothing for someone else’s. Same for LinkedIN, don’t EVEN get me started on Snapchat. 

But here we are, we’re in a new era. I've been using Facebook Ads since 2008, and the ONE thing that works for my clients with all different types of business are these ads! I can't wait to help you get excited about Facebook again. 

I think one of the biggest problems right now, is so many people are teaching their one “proven way” or system to use Facebook ads, and I keep hearing from people because that system didn’t work for them, so we have to start over and figure out what does. I’ve spent thousands of hours analyzing Facebook ad results, and I have clients all over the world, and I can say this with confidence. In order to get Facebook ads to work for you, you need to find your own path. I just don’t think enough people are being honest about this.  

The good news is, almost any industry you can name, I can figure out a way to find the right people for it. I’m really excited to teach you exactly how you can use smarter targeting to stop wasting money dabbling around, trying to copy other people’s strategies. I would like to teach you how to make your own ads work, using your own strategy. 

The one thing that has universally worked for all of my clients with all different types of business: Facebook.  

Why? Because Facebook allows you to put your message directly in front of your perfect audience. From medical offices to tech start-ups to restaurants to online real estate to Kombucha brewers to home builders . . . your people are on Facebook. 

Facebook has allowed me to do great work for my clients and rapidly grow my company to a team of 5 social media experts. Facebook ads are so affordable, that once again, there are no barriers for you to start finding your customers. You don’t need investors, you don’t even need a website, to begin reaping the benefits of Facebook ads.  

One the most AMAZING things about Facebook for anyone, is there are no barriers to entry, budget-wise. You control 100% of your money, you get to decide when you want to turn an ad on or off, and you get to decide exactly who Facebook shows the ad to. I am now SO excited to share with you why I’m known as the most passionate Facebook Ads expert, and how exactly you can learn to love them too.  

"Tracy Petrucci is a social media marketing expert with a passion for Facebook ads." -Mari Smith  

Week 1: Getting Around in Facebook Ads Manager

Everything You Need to Know to Warp Speed Your Ad Campaign.

In this module, you will gain a warp speed understanding of the why, what and how of Facebook Ads. We will take a tour of your Facebook Ads Manager so you can see how to create and manage your own ad campaigns for high conversions and quick returns.


  • The fundamental difference between using Facebook versus other means of advertising, and what you need to understand to get the best results  
  • The difference between selling and marketing and how this impacts how you should use Facebook ads to grow your business  
  • The four critical things you need to focus on to get high results with the least amount of cost  
  • How to make Facebook the most affordable option for advertising your business


  • Ad Investment Cost Guide to help you analyze the best advertising mix for your business so you spend where you get the best returns  
  • Facebook Ads Manager Quick Reference Guide that highlights the NEED TO KNOW features to get the best results without spending hours trying to figure out all the features of Facebook  

Week 2: Refining Your Target Market

How to narrow your target audience to get better ad results.

In this module, you will find out why knowing your target market’s demographics is not enough, and why understanding their psychographics is the secret to creating lower cost ad campaigns that generate bigger results.


  • How to take what you already know about your customers to discover all the surprising places you can find your ideal people on Facebook  
  • How to get specific and narrow in defining your target market using The Smart Targeting Audience Creation Method™ which can massively reduce your ad spend while increasing ad results (most Facebook ad creators think they are already doing this and they are not)  
  • Ways to discover hidden buyer clues from your existing or past customers that will help you find even more clients just like them


  • 5 Power Survey Questions you can use to discover buying clues from your existing customers that will help you find new customers on Facebook to deliver the best results
  • Your Ideal Customer Worksheet to help you quickly identify your ideal buyer
  • Audience Planning Tool which will help you organize your audiences for easy testing and faster results  

Week 3: 'Retargeting' Your Target Market

The smartest, cheapest way to reach your goals.

In this module you’ll learn how to show your ads to potential customers based on their online behaviors. I’ll show you how to create audiences and how to retarget those audiences and show your ads to them using the conversion pixel.


  • How to retarget people based off the actions they take on your website  
  • How to retarget your email database on Facebook  
  • How to create audiences of people who have engaged with your Facebook page, your live events, and your videos on Facebook.  
  • How to create a lookalike audience of your email list, website visitors, or page fans to get Facebook to show your ads to people that are similar to your current fans.  
  • How to create an audience of shoppers who have abandoned their cart so you can show follow-up ads to them


  • The Retargeting Guide to identify all the opportunities you have to retarget your potential customers
  • The Website URL Retargeting Worksheet  

Week 4: Setting Up Your Campaign

How to Define Your Goal, Choose The Right Ad Objective and Set Your Budget

Did you know Facebook currently has over TWELVE different ad types to choose from? In this module, you will learn how each is different and what each is created to do for your business. We will firm up your ad campaign goals and create your ad spending plan to hit those goals.


  • How to set the right budget for your goals  
  • How to choose the right campaign type and objective based on your business goals  
  • How to measure the success of your ad spend based on your objective


  • Backwards Budget Planning Tool to help you figure out what budget you should spend based on the results you want to see  
  • Know Your Goal Worksheet - Creating a campaign-specific objective

Week 5: How to Capture Email Addresses that Convert to Sales

How to Create Compelling Creative Copy, and Choose The Right Opt-in to get the conversion.

When someone reads your email they are 3x more likely to take action than when viewing a social media post. Once you have your customer’s email address, you can market to them with virtually no cost. An essential component of your online marketing strategy should be to capture email addresses. In this module, we will explore how to capture emails that convert to sales.


  • How to use the simplest and most cost effective email capture strategy
  • How to choose the right opt-in for your ad campaign goals
  • How to automate your Facebook ad email capture directly into your email database
  • What to include in your copy for high conversion
  • What works and doesn’t in choosing images for your ads based on our split testing research 


  • Opt-In Inventory of Ideas including many options for designing the right opt-in offer for you audience
  • Ad Creative Guide including a checklist of what works and doesn’t when writing copy and choosing images for your ad
  • Ad Sizing Tool to properly size your ad for optimal display on desktop and mobile 

Week 6: The Numbers You Need to Watch 

How to Know if Your Ad is Working in 24 Hours 

It is critical that you know quickly whether your ad is working or not. In this module, you will learn the numbers you need to look at to know which ads are working and which are not. 

This will help you quickly adjust so you can move more dollars to ads that are working and turn off ads that are not. 


  • The most important elements to look for to see if your ad is performing
  • How to set your own benchmarks based on your unique business
  • Where you need to look to tweak your ads to improve performance
  • How to calculate your estimated return on your ad investment based on your initial ad results (so that you know how much you should spend per conversion) 


  • Ad Improvement Checklist showing you where to look to improve ads that aren’t performing well
  • Key Metrics Dashboard with the numbers you need to track to quickly know if your ad is working  

Week 7: Build Your 90-Day Facebook Ad Plan 

How to Know if Your Ad is Working in 24 Hours 

In this module, we will plan what you should review daily and weekly to stay on top of your Facebook ad goals. I’ll show you how to build your plan based on your quarterly business priorities.  


  • What you need to review daily and weekly to keep your ad spend on track
  • How to build a 90-Day Facebook ad spending plan based on your quarterly business goals
  • Choose where to expand into campaigns based on what you learned from your current campaigns. 


  • Weekly Facebook Review Plan to stay on track of your ads
  • 90-Day Facebook Planning Tool to outline your Facebook spend and ad goals to achieve your business goals  

What Clients Are Saying

"Tracy has been tremendous in helping Farmer's Fix amplify our messaging on the Facebook Ads platform. She's really maximized our advertising budget as a small business competing with nationally recognized brands such as Blue Apron!" - Doug + Dave, Farmer’s Fix in San Diego

"I wasn't sure if Facebook Ads was the right thing for my type of business, but Tracy was confident we could figure out a way to reach the right people. In a short time, almost immediately, we’ve discovered a strategy that captures the exact people I wanted to find by weeding out, honing in, and ultimately capturing the email addresses of customers who fill out an interest form." - Hugo Jeffries, Surgo Medical Supplies, Canada

“If you're seeking direction from a creative, straightforward and results-driven Facebook advertising expert, look no further than Tracy Petrucci. In working with her, I've learned the value of producing out-of-the-box ads that captivate key audiences and prompt action. Plus, Tracy's a true master when it comes to measuring ad performance and making sure brands get the most value out of every dollar. If you're ready to create ads that work (and not just set them on cruise control), she's the guide you need.” - April Harter Enriquez, WordPop PR, Los Angeles 

How It Works

This course is perfect for anyone brand new to ads, OR for that person who has not yet perfected the "art" of the Facebook ad, and knows they could be having improved results. I've worked with countless business owners and marketers who thought they knew what they were doing, but after just one session with me were amazed by what they discovered. "GAME CHANGER" is a term I consistently hear!

#1 Once you sign up, we'll let you know you're confirmed and put together your course login information 

#2 You'll be able to log in immediately and start week 1 at your own pace

#3 There will be a monthly live Q+A call TBD for the free course


Q: Do I need to be running Facebook ads now to take this course? 

A: No. This course is fine for a first time beginner.

Q: Do I need to have a big budget or do I HAVE to spend money during this course?

A: No. You can just take the course to learn, you don't have to actually run ads if you don't want to.

Q: Do I have to have a website to run ads?

A: Nope, we can create great ads even if your site is not ready.

Q: Do I have to have a Facebook business page to run ads?

A: Yes. You don't need a page to have access to the ads manager, but you'll need one to turn on ads. 

About Tracy Petrucci  

Tracy Petrucci runs a boutique digital marketing agency in San Diego CA. She teaches as a professor at MiraCosta College, and three different programs at other schools in the county. Tracy has an amazing husband who stays home to be with their kids while she works full time with her team.

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